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Friday, April 15, 2011

nada: Multiliteracies and communications media

nada: Multiliteracies and communications media: "                       &n..."

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Travel in London Jun/Hong Ju

Travel in London
Last summer I traveled in London by myself. That is a great. I could see many structures history and modest people. I felt that I was a main actor when I walked on the Tower Bridge. Travels give me energy. Great pictures, memories, and new friends. I made some foreign friends when I stayed there. And I keep in touch with them now. Furthermore, I’ve made an appointment with my friends to meet in New York City this weekend! This was my friends trip abroad, so I was intensly curious about another coutry’s cultures and life style. I learned about what is the world, what are people. In addition I realized that I have a special talent that makes foreign people comfortable and easy. Therefore I can associate with foreign friends easily. We have different appearance, culture, language and so on though I miss them a lot.
Because of our good memories, I’m able to make a fresh everyday in my life. And I vows that I’ll let them see my success proudly It might not be easy for me, but I’ll do my best.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

About Big Fish

In the book Edward talks to the girl who takes a shower in the river, but in the movie he doesn't have any chance to talk to ger. I like this stage direction. This is more mysterious. We never see the girl's face. We don't know her appearances. But we have an empty image to imagine her ourself. I like this idea more. So i prefer the movie more.

By Mandy

Difference between movie and the book

I want to talk about the difference between movie and the book. In the movie, what got my attention is there wasn`t a lady whose name is Mrs.Rainwater. But in the book, this was totally different, there was a lady whose name is Mrs.Rainwater and also she was trying to buy the girdle. In my opinion this made the film, lighter and more fluid. If this scene would be in the film, it might`ve became long and boring.Finally this idea made the movie better. For me, I always prefer enjoyable and fluid movies.
Alp Caneri

The Difference Between Film & Book

There are many differences bet ween the film and the book. I will mention one slight different. Inthe witch and the glass eye story, Edward was a child, yet in the book, he was a college student. Although it seems not to e an important change, it controls the impression of the witch's story. This movie was created in a fairy tale style, so it should be fantastic and mysterious. If Edward were an adult in the story in the film, I would interpret this is as a horro story. I think it whould not be congenial to the film's style. In contrast, since children and witches are a royal road to fairly tales, the story in the film as the particular atmosphere of fairly tale.


Monday, February 28, 2005

Big Fish

There are many differences between the big fish story in the movie and Big fish story in the book. I watched the movie and I read the book, there are many differences between them. On of the many differences is when the Edward went to the city with Karl. In the book there was one way to arrive in the city, but in the movie there are two ways to arrive in the city. I think the change does not make the movie lighter or heavier but I think it will it less realistic, but this is good for the movie, I think the movie maker did that because he want the movie to be more active. I prefer that because when the Edward got the short dangerous way it was more exciting. Another difference in the movie they call the city Ashton, but in the book they call it Ashland.
By:Ahmed Ali

Friday, February 18, 2005


Homer Yen says " At it's heart [ Big Fish] is a story about a son" I think that the story of big fish is more of a focus on the father than the son. from the beginning t the end. we can follow the the story about the father's lif e. it is so unique, not ordinary. people can't believe the father's life, but because of that, the movie seems more fantastic, and the audience can come to a fantasy world easily. Durng the movie, we can see unbelievable and interesting things. The father experienced many things. from the movie, we also exerience them indirectly. it is so interesting for me to experience many things from the movie.

Yi mi-rae

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Big Fish

This is a very funny and overstated movie. Some parts in the movie are funny and interesting; for instance, Edward in the circus, in the small town where he lost his shoes, when he pursues his love, and so on. The director use flashback style sequence. Sometimes I am confused about what’s going on.
According to Joe Lopez, “while the fantasy sequences are great, the moments we spend in the reality of the situation really hurt the film.” I agree with this article. In this movie, the father always tells the son his story about his life. However, he never tells the truth. The father’s story is like a fairy tale. In my opinion, the son becomes strongly interested in the truth, and so he opposes his father’s stories. Everybody listened to many fairy tales or folk tales when they were a child. No story is true, but we enjoy them a lot. “just remember anything can be real.” And then you can enjoy your life.


Infernal Affairs

Infernal Affairs
I want to introduce a movie, the name is Infernal Affairs . This is a very famous and popular movie in Asia. It has famous actors and actresses and two good directors. This is a good story between chastity and villain, good and evil. Two main actors are very good to play the mental aspects of the role. Both of them won the best award for a chief actor at the Golden Horse Awards in 2003 and 2004. Moreover, this drama will played by Hollywood. It is s same story, but different players.

Plot: The police want to pursue a very big and powerful criminal gang. Therefore, they have a big plan to catch the leader of the sinister gang. They dispatch a very intelligent policeman to be a stool. It’s to get closer intelligence about the gang. However, the sinister also use the same way. They want to evade the police’s pursuit. They want to be successful in every crime. They also dispatch a faithful stool to be a policeman. Then, the fire is starting.

Setting: Hong Kong

Character: A sergeant, a leader of sinister gang, a secret policeman, a stool from sinister gang, the tool’s fiancée, a psychology physician.

Actors/actresses: Andy Lau- the stool from the sinister gang
Edison Chen- the young stool
Leung, Chiu Wai- the secret policeman
Yue, Shawn- young policeman
Sammi Cheng- the tool’s fiancée
Kelly Chen- the psychology physician
Eric Tsang- a leader of sinister gang
Anthony Wong- Wong Sir

Time Sequence: Flashback style


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


According to David Butterworth , Burton had a "dull and boring" movie. I think "BIG FISH" is not dull and boring. I don`t agree with David Butterworth. The movie has an interesting main idea, so this makes the movie enjoyable. Also one thing that gets my attention in the movie is imaginary characters(The giant, Edward Bloom...). I`m watching this movie with a big interest. Even if the movie`s vocabulary is a little bit hard, but I`ve learned new words which I can use in my daily life. According to me "BIG FISH" is very good and interesting, so I like this movie.
Alp Caneri

Big Fish

According to Jerry Saravia, " The flashback is where Burton is engaged and coiled."
The flasback should be paid attention to in screenwiting because it is most likely to bring about audience's misunderstanding. In fact the audience might confuse whether the scene is the main story or tales. I think they succeeded in changing these scenes smoothly, especially at the beginning of movie. Although there was the main story and the tales, I was not confused. It was distingished by puttin in the narration of Edward. It is proper for not only distingishing scenes, but also explaining about how Edward always tells people tales. and it is impressive enough.